This database is the result of the archival work of three parties – Ken Macnab, Tim Castle, and Amanda Kaladelfos. The database is a collation of their respective research materials and databases.

Capital Convictions before 1839:

Archival Materials

Ken Macnab consulted the following material held at State Records NSW.

Macnab’s database was merged with Tim Castle’s database of capital convictions between 1826-1837, currently housed on the Forbes Society website. Castle examined the following material:

Newspaper Sources

Macnab consulted hardcopies of The Sydney Gazette, 1803-1839. Castle consulted hardcopies of The Australian, The Sydney Gazette, The Sydney Herald, The Sydney Monitor, 1826-1836.

Research assistants funded by the Francis Forbes Society have examined every case in the database using the National Library’s Trove online newspaper resources.

Capital Convictions after 1839:

Archival Sources:

The major source for the database was a handwritten volume, the “N. S. W. Death Sentence Register, Nov. 1839 – Nov. 1968”, housed at the Department of Corrective Services Archive, Long Bay.

Macnab sourced this volume directly from Corrective Services when he was conducting his research. It continues to form the basis for material in the database from 1839 to 1954.

The information in the database post-1839 was merged with research materials and databases created by Amanda Kaladelfos for projects on sexual offences and capital punishment in New South Wales.

Archival sources Kaladelfos consulted include:

Newspaper Sources:

As with material before 1839, research assistants examined newspaper reportage, including SMH’s Law Reports and using the National Library’s Trove online newspaper resources. Research assistants: